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A bit about me, my wife and my friends...

So, who’s this person you’re thinking of trusting with your party? Well, that’s me in Turkey with some friends; I’m the one diving in. I’m simply a normal, friendly person who gets to DJ for lots of other normal, friendly people. I do this at amazing parties across the UK, Europe and the world. I’m happy DJing at, and helping bright social people of any flavour to throw, brilliant celebrations.

Me and my wife Roz live between Brighton and Barcelona. We also have a family house in London.

Roz is a national journalist and a comic, I’m a full time DJ. Our friends are normal, fun, professional and successful people in their 30s, 40s and 50s. Just like us they’re friendly work hard play hard people. Just like me and hopefully you, they love having a party, eating, drinking and catching up with each other.

They book me to DJ at their private and work events. They recommend me to their friends and trust me to make sure everyone that they love has a great time together.

Award-winning event companies and international wedding planners recommend my skills to clients including Madonna, Raymond Blanc, the Orient Express, The British Snowboarding Championships, world-leading companies, awesome festivals, and lots of lovely but less well known people.

I work really hard to make sure that everyone who I DJ for gets a brilliant and unforgettable celebration. So, trust me enough to call for a chat and then work with me so that we can make your event brilliant for everyone too.

Watch me DJing at a beach party in Dubai, The British Snowboarding Championships 10th Birthday, and playing a request, The Black Eyes Peas, at a wedding.

‘Mitch is like a genie; always turns up just when you need him and makes your day a happier one.’
Polly, Marketing Director, The Big Chill